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Hello and Welcome to Chiyogami Designs!


Our name is derived from the Japanese word "Chiyogami" which is a type of Japanese paper. It is generally brightly coloured, patterned paper that is woodblock printed.  The word literally means "one thousand generations paper" in Japanese and that is where this whole thing started.. with my love of Japan and all things Japanese.   I have family living in Japan and have visited many times over the past 15 years.  Each visit has seen me bring my suitcase back loaded with bits and pieces I've found there.  First it was food and trinkets (I love the 100 yen shops) but then I discovered the origami papers! Such beautiful designs and colours.


My love affair with crafts and creating goes back even further but was put on hold for about 20 years whilst I worked and raised a family.  I've knitted, patchworked, and painted. I've even done lead lighting (which I loved).  I hadn't tried scrapbooking or any of the paper type crafts until I discovered the origami paper.. and that changed everything!  Since then, I have rediscovered my creative streak and love nothing better than having a fiddle with papers, tags, tapes and embossing folders.  I've even done a bit of dabbling with jewelry making. 


I bought the first origami papers for friends as Christmas presents..but found that there was a shortage of authentic Japanese papers here in Australia and decided to see if I could import them.  I got my first shipment of papers back in 2010 and the rest as they say is history!  Since then Chiyogami Designs has expanded to include the myriad patterns of the very versatile washi tape and we now have over 1000 designs in our range.  There's something for every taste and use and I must admit I'm hooked on the stuff.  My "wonderful wall of washi"  is a testament not only to the highly addictive nature of the tape but also to its popularity.


What does all this mean for you?

Firstly, it means you'll always find something to suit your needs, but I think more importantly, it means that I am committed to my customers.  I have had an online presence for quite awhile now and I'm  always willing to help customers where ever I can. Whether that is through great communication or with excellent customer service.  I have a 24 - 48 hour turnaround on product shipment and as I'm an Australian business, you can be assured of getting your order quickly.


It also means that I will always be competitive in my pricing, bringing you the best deals possible.  All orders will be treated with the same amount of care and attention to detail whether they are bulk buys or single items.


So please feel free to browse around and enjoy my website.  It's been designed with you in mind.


Happy crafting!


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